E-LA-WON Vanilla Honey 280ml

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The Monofloral Vaniila honey from Arkadia. 280gr

Available in a luxury gift box.

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E-LA-WON Mono-Floral Vanilla Honey from Arcadia – Experience the Purity of High-Quality Honey

Explore the unique taste of Mono-Floral Vanilla Honey, sourced from the picturesque region of Arcadia. With its iridescent color and exceptional flavor, this honey epitomizes the essence of high-quality honey.

  • Origin: From Arcadia, Greece
  • Aroma/Flavor: Gentle aroma with a strong vanilla flavor that stands out.
  • Crystallization: It never crystallizes, maintaining its smooth texture.

Enjoy Vanilla Honey on your morning toast, in yogurt, or as an addition to hot beverages. The rich vanilla flavor adds a sweet note to every meal.

Sourced from the heart of Arcadia, E-LA-WON Vanilla Honey represents the purity of high-quality honey. It offers a honey taste experience like no other.

Make E-LA-WON Vanilla Honey part of your daily routine and discover the magic of flavor in every spoonful.

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