Mouriki Oak Honey 300g

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Oak honey is a dark honey with a caramel flavor.

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Nutritional Values

Mouriki Oak Honey It is considered a honey with rich nutritional value and is suitable for detoxification.

A teaspoon of oak honey every morning before your breakfast helps your body to detoxify effectively.

It can replace sugar in your sweets and at the same time give them a special taste.

For 60 years now, the Mouriki family has been lovingly producing pure honey practicing nomadic beekeeping and traveling with the bees 250 out of 365 days a year to every corner of the Greek Territory.

They transport their 2.500 productive beehives all over Greece from Thassos to the Cyclades, Halkidiki and Evrytania and end up in Messinia where the population hibernates.

The places of production of their varieties are Thassos for pine honey, Evrytania for oak, Halkidiki for heather and chestnut, as well as Fokida for thyme.

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