The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Product contains: 0.500 Liter
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81,00 64,80 / Liter
  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Harvest & production date: 11.01 – 12.10 every year
  • Variety: Lianolia variety 100-500 years old
  • First cold press unfiltered olive oil
  • Taste:  Intense spicy, rich in fruity
Lieferzeit: 1-3 Days
Nutritional Values

The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Its taste is particularly spicy, as well as the intense aroma of freshly grated olives, will not go unnoticed by the consumer. The taste of the fruit and the spicy elements of the olive combine with each other in unparalleled harmony.

The Governor” premium extra virgin olive oil is one of the fewest olive oils in the world that has been awarded a “health claim” report! that was composed based on the results of specialized chemical laboratories and more importantly, on the scientific research of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of Pharmacy) and which that indicated a rare percentage of polyphenols, much higher than the one predicted by the law for a product to receive a health claim.

The first world-wide brand of olive oil with health claim.
At the beginning of 2014 “the Governor” was the first extra virgin olive oil in the world that could take advantage of the label with the EU Regulation 432/2012 concerning the health protection features due to high degree concentration of polyphenols and special polyphenols (oleocanthal, oleacein).

“Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 20gr of olive oil.’’

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