Kyklopas Dressing Garlic 250ml

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Garlic lovers will find a use for this oil in all their dishes.

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Kyklopas Dressing Garlic 250ml

Garlic lovers will find a use for this oil in all their dishes.Add intensity to marinades, grilled vegetables, baked bread, and homemade tomato pasta sauce.

The healthiest way to flavour any olive oil. We take only the freshest fruits and herbs from local Greek farms and cold press them with our just harvested Makris olives.

The Kyklopas olive mill is located in Makri, Northern Greece, among one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean, a stone’s throw away from the cave of Homer’s Cyclops (kyklopas in Greek).

The advantage of our extra virgin olive oil is that we have full control of every single stage of the production process from cultivating the olive grove, extracting the oil at our own mill to bottling on our premises. This way we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our oil.

Indulge in the rich flavors of nature, enhancing your culinary experiences with the exceptional olive oil varieties available at P&D GROCERIES. Explore the diverse tastes, savor the essence, and transform every meal into a delightful experience.

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