E-LA-WON Black Diamond Olives 308gr

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60,06 42,05 / kg

Our premium Black Diamond E-LA-WON olives are grown in various parts of Peloponnese.



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Indulge in the exquisite taste of E-LA-WON Black Diamond Olives, our premium Kalamata olives cultivated in various parts of Peloponnese. Renowned for their exceptional organoleptic characteristics—color, texture, and taste—these olives are classified as extra jumbo, hand-picked for uniformity, and processed on the same day as the harvest.

Our Black Diamond olives boast a very low salt content of only 0.28%. After being hand-picked, they undergo a meticulous 15-minute soak in clean apple cider vinegar to achieve their desired taste. Packed in our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, these high-quality, limited-quantity olives make a delightful addition to any Mediterranean dish and serve as a healthy, delicious snack.

Discover the extraordinary taste of Black Diamond E-LA-WON Olives, exclusively available at P&D GROCERIES. Our team has personally savored these olives, and we can attest to their incredible flavor and crispiness.

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