Gift basket Pomegranate Ligueur and Tea with Honey Selection

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The wonderful “Pomegranate Ligueur and Tea with Honey” selection in an elegant wooden box is the most ideal proposal for a gift.
“Give a wonderful afternoon to your most beloved person. Let the sweet flavors of Pomegranate Liqueur and Tea with Honey take you on a journey to the warmth of autumn by the fireplace!!”

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Eva-Distillery Liqueur Grenade. Grenade's fresh and explosive taste is reflected in its striking bottle, which displays a canvas of vintage gold letters forming the word Grenade against the natural background of the deep red liqueur.

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Image of Organic Islands Melodia loose leaf tea in a container. The container is filled with a vibrant mix of dried lemon verbena leaves, lemon balm leaves, and lemon zest.

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Image of a jar of Mouriki thyme honey 300g. "Mouriki Thyme Honey: A journey into golden richness, a Greek superfood at P&D GROCERIES."

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The wonderful “Pomegranate Ligueur and Tea with Honey” selection in an elegant wooden box is the most ideal proposal for a gift.

1x Mouriki Thyme Honey 300g
1x Organic Islands Melodia 30gr
1x Eva-Distillery Liqueur Grenade 500ml

Stylish box made of natural birch wood. It closes with a metal clasp. The satin ribbon gives the final effect.
Dimensions: 42,5cm x 13cm x 14cm

Are you looking for a box that combines high quality, elegant aesthetics, and practicality? We’re here to introduce you to the perfect gift. The stylish box made of natural birch wood is more than just an accessory. It is a statement of luxury, an enhancement to your professional image, and a testament to attention to detail.

Made of high-quality wood, this box creates a sense of absolute perfection. With love for nature and respect for the environment, we present this sophisticated box made of natural birch wood. Securely closes with a metal clasp creating a durable and beautiful environmentally friendly package that ensures the safety and integrity of your valuable contents.

Additionally, the slim satin ribbon adds a special touch to the appearance, creating a refined and impressive image. This stylish box is not just an accessory but a discreet symbol of success and dedication to quality.
Not only is it ideal for preserving your precious items, but it is also the perfect choice for impressive gifts or for decorating your professional space.

This box will impress and be appreciated by everyone, as it represents quality, attention to detail, and professionalism.
Choose the natural birch wooden box and make an indelible impression that will be unforgettable.