E-LA-WON Soaps Gift Box

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An aesthetically pleasing gift that not only catches the eye with its contents, but also its packaging.

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Explore the elegance of E-LA-WON Soaps Gift Box, a visually captivating present that not only enchants with its contents but also with its exquisite packaging.

The book of handmade soaps. Experience the E-LA-WON Soaps Trilogy:

  1. Honey Soap:
    • Immerse yourself in the luxury of handmade honey soap, a treat for both the skin and the senses.
    • Enriched with honey extract and honeycomb, it leaves the skin moisturized, smooth, and soft.
    • Boasting a warm aroma of honey, it’s an ideal choice for dull and tired skin, offering antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.
    • Crafted through the cold saponification method, each cut is a testament to its handcrafted nature.
    • Greek production, free from added chemicals.
  2. Activated Charcoal Soap:
    • Invigorate your skin with handmade activated charcoal soap, designed to eliminate toxins and provide silky-smooth skin.
    • The magic of activated charcoal offers anti-aging benefits, reduces skin inflammations, tightens pores, and rejuvenates the skin.
    • Crafted with care through the cold saponification method, each piece is hand-cut.
    • Greek production, free from added chemicals.
  3. Sandalwood Soap:
    • Unwind with the distinct aroma of sandalwood oil, a fragrance cherished for centuries.
    • Beyond its aromatic qualities, sandalwood soap aids in meditation, promoting calmness and concentration.
    • Unique for the skin, it’s perfect for dry and chapped skin, also doubling as an effective body deodorant.
    • Crafted through cold saponification, hand-cut for a personal touch.
    • Greek production, free from added chemicals.

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