Gift basket "Eulogia of Sparta Honey" Selection

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The wonderful selection of «Eulogia of Sparta honey» in an elegant box is the most ideal proposal for a gift.
“Explore the ‘Eulogia of Sparta’ collection, infuse your gifts with the sweet taste of epic success, and let your honey offerings shine like stars!”

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Gift Box Selection: “Eulogia of Sparta Honey”

Indulge in the exquisite world of “Eulogia of Sparta honey” with our thoughtfully curated selection presented in a sophisticated black luxury wooden box lined with plush velvet suede fabric. The box, secured with discreet magnets and adorned with a satin ribbon, makes this collection an ideal gift.

Discover the richness of flavors with the following premium honey varieties:

  1. Eulogia of Sparta Premium Honey with Turmeric and Spices (298g): A harmonious blend of premium honey, turmeric, and spices for a delightful fusion of taste and wellness.
  2. Eulogia of Sparta Premium Organic Fir Honey (298g): Pure and organic, this fir honey captivates with its distinct flavor and exceptional quality.
  3. Eulogia of Sparta Premium Pine Honey with Chios Mastic (298g): Immerse yourself in the unique combination of pine honey enriched with the essence of Chios Mastic, creating a truly special indulgence.
  4. Eulogia of Sparta Premium Wild Oak Honey (298g): Savor the natural goodness of wild oak honey, offering a rich and robust taste that captures the essence of the untouched Greek landscape.

With this exclusive collection, we invite you to experience the diverse and authentic flavors of Greek honey, each jar a testament to the dedication and expertise of “Eulogia of Sparta.” Elevate your gifting experience with the perfect ensemble of premium honey varieties, beautifully presented in this meticulously crafted box.

Dimensions: 42,5cm x 13cm x 14cm

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