Eulogia of Sparta Ultra Premium Organic Olive Oil 500ml

Product contains: 0.500 Liter
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73,00 43,80 / Liter
  • Ultra Premium Organic olive oil Limited Reserve.
  • VARIETY: Athenolia Cold-pressed and non-filtered, from the first pressing of Hand-Picked olives Sustainably balanced 
  • Raw 
  • Certified Organic S OLIVE.
Lieferzeit: 1-3 Days
Nutritional Values

Ultra Premium Organic Olive Oil Limited Reserve.

Our limited Reserve is the quintessence of superior Greek olive oil.

It has a special aromatic character, a delicate texture and a delicious fresh and fruity taste with spicy notes.

For the production of this single-varietal olive oil, only the Athinolia variety is used, which has been declared the best and most famous variety in Mediterranean Sparta.

As our ancestors did, we pick the olives by hand, taking special care not to damage the olive fruit, which is pressed within a few hours.

Our olive oil is certified organic, sustainably produced and has remained unchanged over the years.

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