Etolea Blend Black Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Packaging 500ml

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Etolea Blend Black is an extra virgin olive oil of high class and quality.

Among the varieties: koroneiki and chondroleia of Agrinio.

Acidity 0.16%

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With packaging:
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Nutritional Values

Etolea Blend Black Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Packaging 500ml

Etolea Blend Black is a high class and quality olive oil. It is a mixture of the excellent Koroneiki variety and the Agrinio chondroelia.

The Xanthopoulos family, in collaboration with carefully selected producers, managed to produce this excellent olive oil from two olive varieties, the koroneiki and the Agrinio chondroelia, with immediate crushing of the fruit and then storage of the product in stainless steel tanks, in a specially designed and air-conditioned area, under constant and daily supervision.

Etolea olive oil is packaged unfiltered in a painted 500ml bottle to protect it from light and heat.

It comes in a stunning gift box with its own carry bag. A thoughtful gift that makes an impression.

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Drawer packaging and opening to the sides manually. We remove the lid.
37 x 14.5 x 6.2 cm.
White hand pack for transport. White and Black Gift Box
Algro paper
Matt lamination