Askada Farm Fig Chutney 180g

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Fig chutney with ginger, raisin and onion.

Ingredients: dried figs 36%, vinegar, brown sugar, raisins, onions, olive oil, ginger, spices.

Product of organic farming

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Nutritional Values

Fig chutney with ginger, raisin and onion.

An amazing combination that gradually unfolds flavors of sweet and spicy.

Made with organic figs it can complement any meal and elevate your creations.

It goes perfectly with cheese, meat and cold meat platter.

You can also use it on grilled cheese or as a spread to top off a sandwich.

Thin slightly with water and use to glaze meats and poultry with baked sweet potatoes.

Mix it with Greek yogurt, whisk it into an olive oil vinaigrette, and use it as a salad dressing!