1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs Greek Organic Mountain Tea 20g

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The Mountain tea (Sideritis) can be served as an excellent hot winter drink, but also as a refreshing drink in the hot summer months.

Each package contains: Mountain tea flowers, 20 tea bags, 5 wooden sticks.

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1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs Greek Organic Mountain Tea 20g

The Mountain tea is a healing tea that helps prevent the common cold, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, indigestion and intestinal disorders.

For each cup you need to fill a filter which is included in your package, with the tea flowers and add fresh water.

The temperature of the water should be around 90-95 degrees Celsius (just before its boiling point).

Your herbal drink will be ready within 8 to 10 minutes.

You can also add honey or lemon for a different taste.

In any case, do not abuse herbs. If you are pregnant, lactating or if you have a serious health problem, ask your doctor before starting systematic use.

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