MOLY Silhouette Organic Herbal Tea 23g

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It`s  an ideal blend of herbs to help maintain weight.

Contains, in varying ratios: Mt. Olympus ironwort, Lemon verbena  , Schisandra Berry, Gallium, Ceylon Cinnamon, Licorice, Dried Lemon.

10 pieces – Net Weight 23g (10 x 2,30g)    

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Category:Herbs & Tea
Nutritional Values

MOLY Silhouette Organic Herbal Tea

An ideal blend of herbs to help maintain weight
The Silhouette herbal mixture helps to strengthen the metabolism, has a diuretic effect. It does not allow the body to retain fluids while at the same time it contains the appropriate herbs that help break down fats. Combined with appropriate nutrition, the effect of the mixture is maximized.

In any case, do not abuse herbs. If you are pregnant, lactating or if you have a serious health problem, ask your doctor before starting systematic use.

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